Family Puzzle Piece Floral Plaque


Looking for the perfect gift for the Mam or Gran who holds everything together? Our subtle frosted plaque features the name of your choice followed by ‘You are the piece that holds us all together’. Further personalised with beautiful rose mirror puzzle pieces, carefully engraved with your family members names.

Mam, Nanny etc.

Names required for puzzle pieces. Please note that some puzzle pieces may feature two names engraved

A unique gift for Mother’s Day or birthdays, our jigsaw plaques are a special representation of your family that can be displayed and cherished for years to come.



The main name you provide us will be laser cut from a stunning rose mirror and featured at the top of your plaque, this might be ‘Mam, Nan’ etc or a specific name. This will be followed by the text ‘ You are the piece that holds us together’ as standard.

Below this we add carefully engraved mirrored puzzle pieces, each one representing one or two family members.

Puzzle pieces will vary depending on number of names provided (we recommend max 9 in total). Some jigsaw pieces may feature two names (one at the top, one at the bottom) if more than 5 total names supplied.


Irish Made Personalised Gifts

Each plaque is made to order just for your loved one. Made in Co. Meath from subtle frosted and beautiful rose mirrored acrylics.



Plaque is A5 sized (approx 21x15cm), eye catching yet compact enough for easy display.